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Most manufacturers are working on tight margins, and none more so than the food manufacturing industry.  Pressures of rising costs, and squeezed margins mean that profits are under pressure.  The market can be fickle, and long term planning difficult, so it is difficult to justify a CAPEX with a payback of more than two years.  More often a payback of less than one year is required.

Profitable Manufacture specialises in Resource Efficiency. Improving Resource Efficiency simultaneously improves profitability and reduces environmental impact: both worth a mention in the Annual Report.

Our approach is simple:  we look at your operation, identify the problems, calculate the real cost to the business, prioritise issues, find solutions, and guide the implementation process.  Over the last five years, the savings from improved resource efficiency (excluding energy) average £300K per site for non-SMEs. Most reviews include a number of “quick wins”:  improvements that can be implemented with little or no investment.

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