Religions Tree: The Evolution of the World's Religions from Beginning to Present

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Intro contains the history and origins of the world's religions in tree form, revealing the evolution of religion from beginning to present.
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Introduced 2500 BCE.

Animism can be considered the first religion. In Animism, all natural phenomena is ascribed to gods that dwell within matter.

Child Religions:
NameStart DateEnd Date 
Proto-Indo-European religion2400 BCE300 BCE
Ugaritic Polytheism1900 BCE1190 BCE
Taoism500 BCE 
Shinto1000 BCE 
Orthodox Judaism1500 BCE 
Roman Catholic Church30 CE 
Sunni Islam632 CE 
Reform Judaism1809 CE 
Hasidism1740 CE 
Gnosticism100 CE 
Conservative Judaism1846 CE 
Reconstructionist Judaism1922 CE 
Shi'ite Islam656 CE 
Sufism658 CE 
Druze1017 CE 
Bahá'í Faith1863 CE 
Eastern Orthodoxy1054 CE 
Protestantism1529 CE 
Unitarianism1539 CE 
Mormonism1830 CE 
Rastafari1930 CE 
Baptist1608 CE 
Methodism1738 CE 
Adventist1831 CE 
Jehovah's Witnesses1872 CE 
Vedism1500 BCE600 BCE
Zoroastrianism551 BCE 
Vaishnavism700 BCE 
Vedanta600 BCE 
Early Buddhism483 BCE300 BCE
Shaktism600 CE 
Saivism400 BCE 
Sikhism1499 CE 
Jainism500 BCE 
Smartism820 CE 
Lingayat1200 CE 
Theravada Buddhism300 BCE 
Mahayana Buddhism100 CE 
Hare Krishna1965 CE